Key points

One week advanced course

  • Instructors: Michael Wyrsch (MW), Barry Hardy (BH)
  • When/Where?: 4 ­‐ 8 July 201 6 Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Green / Black Belt mi xed
  • Peer Learning
  • GB delivers 1 case
  • BB delivers 2 cases
  • Case = description of the KM Initiative/Implementation 5 ‐ 10 pages word (send 4 weeks before course starts ; have as part of registration process; use template provided with section structure )
  • Case presentation: use Powerpoint, Flipcharts, Posters, Online demonstrations, etc.) (main presentation material sen t 4 weeks before course starts for review/feedback )
  • Attendees nominate Topics to discuss or work up to 2 months before course starts (selec tion from a list o f advanced topic s; we survey our community 6 -­‐ 12 months out on advanced topics of most interest)
  • Evaluation based on a fixed evaluation scheme (Assessment template , similar Maturity Mode


Precondition; In addition to one reviewed and accepted case study the participant will also have one of the following:Evidence
  • CKM Course
  • Other KM education
  • Long term practitioner
  • Certificate or Reference in Training DB
  • Certificate
  • Confirmation by Colleague or Company