KM and ISO Update

If you are an ISO certified company and have an audit in 2016, your auditor will most likely ask you about some of the ten new topics. Among the new topics, two in the support section are relevant for the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum: Caring for company’s competencies (7.2) and assuring process results by identifying and managing necessary knowledge (7.1.6).

ISO 9001 Revision

In light of the upcoming revision of the ISO 9001 the discipline «Knowledge Management» will gain more emphasis and focus in the near future. The ISO 9001 revision 2015 includes the necessity of knowledge management activities and measures in the 9001: clause 7.1.5. This will create challenges for Small and Middle Enterprises who have been not yet thinking about knowledge management.

As part of the resource base of an organization, the revised ISO 9001 emphasizes the importance of knowledge management in a new clause.